Saturday, March 9, 2013

Still life Owl

So in like 3 days i did this awesome owl! I love purple/blue/green colors. I have viridian, crimson alazarin and ultramarine blue + transparant oxide red... love this colors! 

anyway! tomorrow a new day... relax or paint... ? em ._. 


  1. I would like to say more but I am short on time. . Love the art you have been posting !! and love the frequency in which you have been posting!

    1. I am always workin. I want to become a professional artist and die as a master when my life will end

      I have been working on the background a bit taking away the hard blue dark in the background making it more light and a bit easy on hard edges. The next horse i m putting more time and working harder on the base and so on. Colors... experimenting a lot! I will want to come to America a well when i am more stronger in my skills and meet up artist like me. the community is bigger and stronger there than in Europe .. Sweden is really bad when it comes to art