Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finding my voice

As I wrote on Facebook... What is art and what does Art stands for?...

Overpainting... loose painting,,, abstract painting... from life/photos... what makes a good painting good?

I am looking, as someone dear to me said, for my voice... and i am starting to know what i am good at and what makes my painting stand out... I can't say that yes this is how i want to paint.. no. I actually can't say that i am happy with this one...

But i have started a lion that i really like that took me 3 hours... alla prima, strong accent strokes and so on. I feel that's what i want... something more. Atelier Stockholm and most Ateliers.. teaches you how to be tidy and patient and so on. From spending 2 months on a painting now i spent 3 hours to 3,4 days. Sometimes i have to spend more time... sometimes it just doesn t need more work.

For ex. The eye of this horse... i spent 3 hours just to capture something... some life. Miles said that it looks like one of those emo horses! meh winter ... Sweden... HAHA! But anyways

not sure how long i spent on this but i will give it a rest and go on. I feel i am getting there!


  1. I can totally relate to what you say here. For a long time when I was first learning to draw, maybe 2 years in, I was struggling to find 'my voice' as an artist, as you say. I loved drawing as a technical exercise but it did not feel like it was coming from me. It wasn't until I started copying some of the artworks of Ayami Kojima, mainly how she draws faces, that I started to discover what kind of 'voice' I wanted to have.

    It was especially hard too because I have never felt I had the kind of technical mastery, like the kind you have, a very true to life kind of art . . but at the same time loving to practice that kind of technical skill. When I stated to look at other illustrators like sidney sime, alphonse mucha, aubrey beardsley. . that kind of awaked in me what kind of voice I wanted to have, and what I think my artistic skills were best suited for.

    I see in your work you can really do anything. You have such a high level of technical ability and you already show a style of your own in your work. I will be praying that you would continue to get in touch with that artist voice inside of you and that it would come out even more in your paintings!

    1. I am painting two cheetahs now.. and i m taking my time with my work lately. No point in rushing it!

      Will update when i have more work : )

      But i m changing a lot hehe!

  2. Love the horse. The way you painted it, everything. Nice "aura".