Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little Landscape

My mother asked me to do a painting for her to give to a priest in Romania... Last year i was around Romania and took a lot of photos! it is based on that photo i choose but added here and there... the lonely tree on top of the hill is something i wanted to really add... I love this hills with only one lonely tree watching in the distance.

I think it took me almost 5 to 6 hour, oil on canvas 41x33

A little guy

So I got inspired By guild wars 2 to make this little guy... I try to be more observent rather than just copy... so this is from imagination. It has some Errors... but now when i m out... and when i look at people.. i see shapes... patterns.. and so on.. withouth me even thinkin i do... So Because of this... it.. just clicked... and of course  you can t do art if you re stressed down.. pissed of and so on... Last week for ex... i couldn t draw for shit!!! So really try .. and relax when you study.. it is hard... TRUST ME I KNOW... but it is the only healthy and good way to become better at your art : ) 

Figure Poses

This are the 2 figure poses i am happy with. The Back view pose is ... as i remember 10 days? was it... i know we lost 2 days haha! and the female 6 days... 3 hours per day... with 20 min out since i was late in the morning .____. 

BUT! i love knowing i have only 10 days... having 20 to more days is really frustrating... ! BUT! ._. i learned a lot from doing those long ones! the Girl... was so much fun to paint! to bad she's goin back to China : <

Need to paint more... i m starting to get an idea what colors to use and so on


Colors: Ivory black, Titanium White, Raw Umber, Ultramarin Blue, Cadmium Red deep,  Purple black , crimson alizarin, Yellow Ocre.

And of course canvas and brushes. 

Hope you guys can get an idea of why i use this colors. I love this Purple Black that i got From Ville Ericsson ( )  I use it a lot mostly in my shadows and on to desaturate the reds and oranges. I used to use black that s why my colors where always so lack of color and very desaturated. Anyways : )  Thanks for viewing! 

If you guys have any Questions please ask ^^  Will try and find time and answer : ) 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Progress on big painting

Today I had to go with my school to this exhibition... but I choose to stay behind alone and just... paint... Was me Vanessa and William... 

It is goin fast when I paint on it.. but this week has been going so fast.. and I have been thinking too much... But I am glad that i can just.. paint : ) 

Last Day.. no model

So was hopping to finish this today ... had to work on the knee and foot.. o well

you all know this one... had to work more on it! this is how you learn though it looses its brush stokes and all... we all have to go through this well rendered work... : ) 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Alla Prima.. first day... not enough time!!!

So today i didn't manage to block everything in... wanted a alla prima but since snow is upon us in Stockholm... and i might be trapped today at school since transport is gettin canceled... i got late for school as well... aprox 2 hours and 30 40 min.... i needed 6 hours at least to finish this one but meh.. she s a living being so not sure about it!

tomorrow... lets hope transport will work so i can be in time for school...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Figure pose

           So today I just started my new figure pose. This one will be only 7 days.
           Need to take a photo of my last two to show here but didn't have the time.
                          Anyways this is like almost 75 cm tall pose.
                  Did a fast sketch with raw umber and a bit of dark. I tried to approach
            the russian style again but she had a unique body shape so I had some
            difficulties trying to keep her prices body type rather than doing the usual
             one i do when i just... draw... hehe


            a small detail of the head... love how simple i manage to get it...
                well simple... i am tryin to be more towards simple shapes : )

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nov 28 2012

Painted a bit more on the bird's head. Changed the eye and made it more real... i wanted this bird to have a feeling to it... so : )

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Progress on the big painting

So today i worked on the birdie and soon I will get into the upper left skull! Will be fun...! Was a hard one those wings!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday Kroki 23 Nov 2012

So i managed to add this today ... on a saturday... Time to paint on my still life... : ) The model was Peter. We had him as a model here at SARA for ... well since i started for me hehe. He is very interesting and handsome man! anyways... i kinda went wild with my imagination and gave him finally after 3 year a drawing... the one with haters gonna hate haha!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Nov 22, 2012

So... I manage to put everything on the canvas... now time to really finish it heheMy friend Kate and Karin posed with my work.. just so you guys can see the scale of this painting