Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little guy

So I got inspired By guild wars 2 to make this little guy... I try to be more observent rather than just copy... so this is from imagination. It has some Errors... but now when i m out... and when i look at people.. i see shapes... patterns.. and so on.. withouth me even thinkin i do... So Because of this... it.. just clicked... and of course  you can t do art if you re stressed down.. pissed of and so on... Last week for ex... i couldn t draw for shit!!! So really try .. and relax when you study.. it is hard... TRUST ME I KNOW... but it is the only healthy and good way to become better at your art : ) 


  1. Drawing from your imagination is incredibly difficult I agree. Actually for the first few years of drawing training I was almost strictly drawing from my imagination (I didn't even really understand how people learned by copying!). After a while though your brain starts to remember what shapes correspond with what real life objects. . And you can kind of rotate shapes in your head and stuff.

    Still hard. I think some artists were not ment to draw from their imagination, some are. I feel like people who are drawn to realism artistically have a higher drawing from life skill where as the illustrator kind have a higher drawing from imagination skill. If you can do both, you are blessed. But it can definitely be learned too.

    This is a very good drawing by the way.

    1. Indeed i understand... I was the same... i was drawing only from imagination... and I was bad.. really bad... till i stop listening to this people that says no Ref no Ref.... Even Kim Jung-Gi said in this Q and A ... "If you want to be good at drawing from imagination... draw a lot from life... photos whatever... you need to study"... but this thing with No Ref is becoming very popular... It feels that if you don t use ref you re the best... I met people saying "I didnt use any reference " and then they show the photos in the background... they just don t say it... because it looks cool! It is nothing wrong with using Refs... People Like Jaime Jones did a work that is so after Sargent and nothing wrong with that.... I am starting to hate the art world... we are lying to ourselves rather than just being honest... Damn Marketing... I sometimes ask myself... What if i had a normal job, work go home not stress and so on... But i love drawing painting... but Popularity is important... doesn t matter what you do... from Naruto to Original concepts.. it is a lot to say.. Art is difficult because we made it sound difficult... We don't relax and we try to get out there pretty early and call ourselves artist.. and the art you make is.. not good enough to say "yes you have reach a level of good master art" Anyways few people get my point and i am very bad at writing hehe!

  2. LOL no what you say is so true! ! ! I totally agree! If you hate art NEVER step in an american art gallery -- you will throw up! (and I know you don't really hate it, I hear your frustrations! I share them) Alot of people in the states are influenced by people like pollock and warhol, men who are not artists. Maybe I could give pollock some kind of compliment but people should not have copied that style becuase it is not art. Then we have silly "styles" like "cubism". Really the art world has been ruined here in america by lazyness. And yes it is true as you say if you want to get good at drawing from your imagination draw from life. . No matter if you are into cartoons or realism, people should be classically trained.

    Fortunately some atliers and such are popping up in the states and people are returning to classical training. But sometimes I see "art" in buildings and such and its just a big triangle or paint splatters and I think how did this happen . . How did we as a culture begin to accept this junk. Apart from God part of the reason I draw is to try and turn the world back to real art, artists like yourself and the people you are influenced by. Thats why I am so happy to see your art becuase it is a breath of fresh air to see someone who really studies and makes real art. Anyway I hope that made sense lol