Thursday, December 13, 2012

Figure Poses

This are the 2 figure poses i am happy with. The Back view pose is ... as i remember 10 days? was it... i know we lost 2 days haha! and the female 6 days... 3 hours per day... with 20 min out since i was late in the morning .____. 

BUT! i love knowing i have only 10 days... having 20 to more days is really frustrating... ! BUT! ._. i learned a lot from doing those long ones! the Girl... was so much fun to paint! to bad she's goin back to China : <

Need to paint more... i m starting to get an idea what colors to use and so on


Colors: Ivory black, Titanium White, Raw Umber, Ultramarin Blue, Cadmium Red deep,  Purple black , crimson alizarin, Yellow Ocre.

And of course canvas and brushes. 

Hope you guys can get an idea of why i use this colors. I love this Purple Black that i got From Ville Ericsson ( )  I use it a lot mostly in my shadows and on to desaturate the reds and oranges. I used to use black that s why my colors where always so lack of color and very desaturated. Anyways : )  Thanks for viewing! 

If you guys have any Questions please ask ^^  Will try and find time and answer : ) 


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