Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Troll and his Bird of Prey

So I want to Start doing things more serious and get into Illustration/ Concept art Field. Either I will do Freelance or I will try and get a job. Either works fine for me! I am working more Digital than Traditional ( I have moments when I feel that I am slacking off from Traditional ) but... I am enjoying this. 


The troll and his Bird of prey! 

Like Someone told me.. If i want my work to be noticed I got to add stories behind my characters. So The Story is:

Though people think all trolls are evil! This one is from a Village up in the mountains where the trolls live in peace with nature and their companions. They travel from village to village using their trusty Mountain Ram. They have a way of receiving fast news by using Birds of prey. That's about it.

Inspired a lot from Mongolian culture.

Thanks for watching and reading! Time to do some color studies!

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