Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Royal Eagle

So I managed today to... Paint. Last week was a lazy week where I couldn't even sketch. Though I paint fast... I have this moments where I just can't paint.

Alla Prima oil on canvas, 64x46, like 6 hours work.
Done at the Nature Museum Stockholm http://www.nrm.se/


  1. I really see the improvement. Its cool to watch you over time, the results of your hard work. A real blessing. And I appreciate very much that you continue to post. :)

  2. thanks Huume. I really need a break though. Not going that much at the museum but... Trying to do something else, like dogs and cats, animals, so i may get some commissions. Doing some digital too since i need to start getting some income : )

    I am also looking for a place to have an exhibition. It is SO hard in Sweden it seems... But will see