Friday, February 22, 2013

Portrait Alla Prima Week

This week i had 2 models to paint. Have to admit painting young people is hard... but i exp with the portrait of the young boy. Tried to do a sketch with burn sienna on white canvas with no imprimatura .. too red for me and too white to start with colors... so the one of the women Ma Lo i did it with raw umber and a gray background. I will try next time to photograph each step. We have 25 min per pose and 3 hours for each portrait. For me is not enough. I need to learn and hurring up just to get something done is not worth it. So even if i wont finish will slow down and make sure i do everything correct! 

Here's the portraits. Done this week! 


  1. Goodness gracious these are great paint sketches. OR whatever you would call them. I have recently just started to watercolour after 6 years of strictly pencil drawing with figure study. Colouring is hard. I saved these pictures to my computer to try and gleam some of what you have done here.

    1. Oh! That's sweet that you started again. Yesterday I saw the alla prima painting captain's portrait by Richard Schmid. I have so much to learn. I have been sick this week too but I will not let a cold get me down hehe! Time to get out if bed and go to school and start painting my horses for some galleries here in Sweden.

      talk later!